Republican Study Committee Chairmanship

I was honored to serve as chairman of the Republican Study Committee, the largest caucus of conservatives in Congress, known as "the intellectual arsenal of conservatism in the House," during the 116th Congress. Here is some of the important work our committee published under my chairmanship, including The Conservative Playbook, a publication of over 400 policy proposals aimed at improving health care, national security, access to the American Dream, government efficiency and accountability, and the U.S. budget.

The Conservative Playbook
By RSC, led by Chairman Mike Johnson in the 116th Congress

Reclaiming the American Dream: Proposals to Empower the Workers of Today and Tomorrow
By the RSC American Worker Task Force

Preserving American Freedom: Liberty. Opportunity. Security.
By the RSC Budget and Spending Task Force

National Security Strategy: Strengthening America and Countering Global Threats
By the RSC National Security and Foreign Affairs Task Force

A Framework for Personalized, Affordable Care 
By the RSC Health Care Task Force

Power, Practices, Personnel: 100+ Commonsense Solutions to a Better Government
By the RSC GEAR Task Force