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Congressman Mike Johnson elected Vice Chair of the House Republican Conference

November 18, 2020
In The News

Representative Mike Johnson is moving up the GOP ranks in Congress as he’s been elected as the vice-chair of the House Republican Conference. Johnson says building back the nation’s economy from the coronavirus pandemic is a major priority and they will push back against the desire of Democrats to raise taxes.

“They’re talking about raising taxes dramatically and reversing some of the regulatory reforms that we achieved and we feel like that will be a step backwards and it’s going to be devastating for the economy,” said Johnson.

President-elect Joe Biden has discussed raising taxes on households that make more than $400,000 dollars as well as raising corporate taxes.

Johnson expects Congress will attempt to pass a massive infrastructure funding bill in the first quarter of 2021, but how will the federal government pay for it.

“Republicans will say we need to offset elsewhere in the federal budget because we are deeply concerned about the growing federal debt, so we have to address that or else the country is going to be big trouble long term,” said Johnson.

Johnson says health care will also be a hot topic in the next Congress and moving to a single-payer healthcare system as many Democrats propose would not work.

“Our vision and our idea is to reintroduce free market principals to health care, to reduce costs to make it more effective for others, there are a lot of ways to do that,” said Johnson.