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Liberty legislation passes committee

Eunice Today: Harlan Kirgan

U.S. Rep. Mike Johnson, R-Benton, announced that the House Natural Resources Committee’s passed the Save the Liberty Theatre Act — his legislation to give the City of Eunice full ownership of the Liberty Theatre and its annex, so the community can move forward with its restoration efforts.

“The Liberty Theatre has been a staple of Louisiana’s Cajun community for nearly a century. It has hosted famed Cajun musicians and served as an important center of Louisiana culture and tourism,” Johnson stated in a news release. “With a proper restoration, this special landmark can be enjoyed for generations to come. I commend the House Natural Resources Committee for passing this bill and look forward to its consideration before the full House.”

The legislation requires the National Park Service (NPS) to transfer its partial ownership of the Liberty Theatre to the City of Eunice.

The NPS owns a section of the historic venue that was constructed in recent years to provide a handicap accessible entrance. However, efforts to restore the theatre are currently hindered by the NPS’s ownership interest in the property. This legislation would grant full ownership of the theatre to the City of Eunice.

NPS has reviewed the text of the legislation and deemed it technically sufficient.

The legislation now goes before the full House of Representatives for consideration.

Johnson, who represents District 4, is the vice chairman of the House Republican Conference, and a member of the House Judiciary and Armed Services Committees.