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House Republican Conference: IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Highlights From The Republican Roundtable On Law and Order

Tomorrow marks one year of America under Far Left Democrat rule. Over the past few years, Democrats across the country have adopted policies that have weakened our police department, our border, and our nation. The results are tragic: a deadly crime wave, a worsening drug addiction epidemic, and a historic border crisis.

That is why Leader Kevin McCarthy along with Representatives Pete Stauber, August Pfluger, Mike Johnson, Debbie Lesko, Clay Higgins, and Chip Roy hosted a roundtable to highlight how one-party rule has failed to keep our communities safe and has instead resulted in a deadly crime wave. You can watch the full roundtable HERE.  

Joe Biden promised to deliver a “safe America… safe from crime and looting.” Biden failed to deliver on this promise, his first year in office saw at least 16 major U.S. cities setting new homicide records, ambush-style attacks on law enforcement officers increasing by 115%, and over 1.7 MILLION illegal immigrants being apprehended at our southern border. 

Instead, Biden and Congressional Democrats have doubled down on their failed Far-Left Socialist agenda, which will only make our communities less safe. 

Rep. Pete Stauber highlighted how Democrat-run cities across the country that have defunded the police have seen an increase in the rise in crime:  

"Radical policies and rhetoric have led to a drastic rise in crime — and an open border. As a former law enforcement officer of 23 years, I know that a properly staffed and properly trained police force is necessary to keep our communities safe. Defunding the police or even talking about this idea is wrong and dangerous. Democrat-run cities across the country who have defunded the police have seen an increase in the rise in crime. " 

Rep. August Pfluger noted how Biden and Congressional Democrats’ open border policies have made our communities less safe: 

“With the anniversary of President Biden’s inauguration one year ago this means that we’ve now endured a year of the federal government turning its back on border states…that are marred by record-high illegal border crossings and historic levels of drugs and human trafficking that have crossed our border.” 

Rep. Mike Johnson pointed out that Biden inherited a secure border and his policies have created this border crisis: 

"What makes it so outrageous is that the results we're seeing right now are the direct results of bad policy choices. On the border, President Biden inherited a secure border. President Trump’s policies worked." 

Rep. Chip Roy highlighted that because of Biden and Congressional Democrats’ open border policies, “American people are much less safe than they were a year ago."

Representatives Clay Higgins and Debbie Lesko point out that Biden and Congressional Democrats' open border policies incentivize more illegal border crossings.