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Town hall meeting is held

Ville Platte Gazette: Tony Marks

Two days after celebrating the country’s independence, Congressman Mike Johnson, who represents the state’s fourth district, held a town hall meeting in Pine Prairie.

The congressman acknowledged all the bad news dominating the headlines today. “There’s a lot of bad things going on,” he said.

“There’s some really bad news right now. We all feel it.”

He went on to say our “freedoms are in peril today because some of the foundations are being challenged like never before even by elected representatives in the United States Congress, who are challenging the things that made America great in the first place.”

“On the anniversary of the country and the celebration of our 246th anniversary,” he continued, “if we hope to keep it going we got to get back to the basics.”

According to Congressman Johnson, there are challenges and crises everywhere such as economic crisis, border crisis, energy crisis, crime crisis, foreign policy crisis, military recruitment shortfall crisis, supply chain crisis, baby formula crisis, and drug overdose crisis. However, as he said, “There’s great reason for hope.”

As the congressman explained, cause for that hope is based on the upcoming congressional elections in November. He said, “I think the power is going to shift, and I don’t just think it’s going to be a red wave. I think it’s going to be a red tsunami. There are pollsters right, left, and center who are now acknowledging that’s what it looks like. If that happens, Louisiana will be in a very good position.”

That good position the state would be in comes from the ranking positions of its congressional delegation, which Congressman Johnson called “The Seal Team Six.”

Congressman Steve Scalise is the most senior member of the state’s delegation. “If we have a big red wave election and the Republicans take control of the House again,” said Congressman Johnson, “there’s a 99% chance he will be elected the majority leader of the House. We haven’t had one from Louisiana in a long time. That’s huge for us.”

As for Congressman Johnson, he currently serves as vice chairman of the House Republicans, which is the number four position. He shared he will either maintain that position or move up to chairman. “So,” he said, “y’all will have two Louisiana members in the top five leadership posts in what may be the biggest majority in the House in U.S. history. That can’t be bad for our district and all of our needs.”

As for the other members of the delegation, Congresswoman Julia Letlow was recently appointed to the appropriations committee. “We haven’t had an appropriator from Louisiana in a long time,” Congressman Johnson said.”

Congressman Clay Higgins, according to the congressman, is running to be chairman of the homeland security committee. “Who better to close the border than the ‘Cajun John Wayne,” quipped Congressman Johnson.

Congressman Garret Graves is moving up in the transportation and infrastructure and national resources committees, “which are really important to Louisiana,” said Congressman Johnson.

Also, there is Congressman Troy Carter, the only Democrat. “He works really closely with us,” Congressman Johnson said. “He’s a gem of a guy and a moderate. He wants to advance Louisiana’s interests, and we do it together.”

After fielding questions from the public, the congressman concluded with a prayer request. “Will Joe Biden, if it’s a massive red tsunami, see the light and say, ‘maybe I should start working with these guys,’” he asked. “Miracles have happened.”