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Rep. Johnson Slams Dems For Saying Canada ‘Most Free’ Country

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Congressman Mike Johnson (R-La.) offered a fiery rebuttal to House Judiciary Democrats after they claimed that Canada is the most free country in the world. During a house hearing on Thursday, Johnson said that’s simply not true.

“Mr. Cohen is wrong,” said Johnson. “Canada is not the most free country in the world young people. America is the greatest nation in the world. We are the most free, most successful, most powerful nation because finally now we’ve tried to live up to the ideals articulated in the Declaration of Independence.”

Republicans have notably been critical of the Canadian government of Justin Trudeau over its COVID lockdowns and numerous scandals, including Trudeau wearing blackface. Johnson stressed that America must defend the sanctity of life and protect its Constitution.

“We just celebrated our 246 birthday on the Fourth and we’re still an experiment in self governance,” he voiced. “We’re an experiment on the world stage. We have the greatest Constitution ever written, it’s endured for this long but it won’t endure if we abandon its principles.”

GOP lawmakers said Democrats must stand up for America instead of praising foreign countries with questionable leadership.