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Johnson, Feenstra Introduce Legislation to Protect Second Amendment Rights

WASHINGTON — On Tuesday, U.S. Rep. Mike Johnson (LA-04) joined Rep. Randy Feenstra

(IA-04) and 34 of their colleagues in introducing the Preserving Rights Of Tenants by Ensuring Compliance To (PROTECT) the Second Amendment Act. This legislation would secure the Second Amendment rights of Americans who live in rental properties whose landlords receive financial assistance from the federal government. More specifically, this proposal ensures that landlords and rental property managers cannot unlawfully restrict firearm ownership of tenants.

“Tenants’ Second Amendment rights should not be subject to the whims of a landlord or property manager, especially those receiving federal assistance,” said Rep. Johnson. “I will always fight back against any effort to unlawfully restrict our constitutional rights.”

“Our Constitution ensures that the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Iowa gun owners ‘shall not be infringed.’ This is an important protection that prioritizes the rights of Iowans over the heavy hand of the federal government,” said Rep. Feenstra. “As a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, I am proud to introduce legislation that protects tenants from unconstitutional gun policies and defends their right to own a firearm in rental properties that receive taxpayer funding. In Congress, I will continue to oppose the Biden Administration’s gun-grabbing schemes that punish law-abiding gun owners and trample the constitutional rights of millions of Americans.”

“The right to bear arms was one of our first rights when this great country was established. It will take more than the radical left to take away our guns, and I’m glad to stand with many of my conservative colleagues to defend gun owners across the country. Owning a gun should not be based on income and PROTECT the Second Amendment Act allows law abiding citizens to own firearms,” said Rep. Carol Miller.

“As a lifelong gun owner, I am proud to support the PROTECT the Second Amendment Act which safeguards the right to bear arms regardless of home-owner status,” said Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks. “This legislation evens the playing field for gun owners and prohibits landlords from discriminating against a tenant’s legal right to own a gun.”

“Renters should enjoy the same constitutional protections as everyone else. Signing a rental housing agreement should not mean signing away your 2nd Amendment Rights,” said Rep. Russ Fulcher. “I appreciate my colleague, Rep. Feenstra, continuing to fight for our 2nd Amendment Rights, for ALL Americans.”

“We must protect our Second Amendment rights from any encroachments or infringements because these rights are fundamental to individual freedom. By supporting the PROTECT the Second Amendment Act, we ensure that tenants have the right to lawfully own firearms within their homes, allowing them to protect themselves and their loved ones. The Second Amendment is clear, and every American should be able to exercise their constitutional rights,” said Rep. Mary Miller.

The PROTECT the Second Amendment Act has three main objectives, which include:

  1. Protecting tenants’ rights to lawfully own a firearm within federally assisted rental housing;
  2. Allowing the lawful transport of firearms through common areas when entering and exiting the property; and
  3. Preventing property managers and landlords who accept federal assistance from prohibiting or discriminating against tenants’ constitutional right to own a firearm.
You can find legislative text HERE.