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House GOP Leadership Statement on Senate Ignoring Constitutional Duty to Hold Mayorkas Impeachment Trial

WASHINGTON — Today, Speaker Johnson, Leader Scalise, Whip Emmer, and Chairwoman Stefanik released the following statement after the Democrat-led Senate voted to dismiss the articles of impeachment brought against Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, ignoring its constitutional duty to hold a trial.

“By voting unanimously to bypass their constitutional responsibility, every single Senate Democrat has issued their full endorsement of the Biden Administration’s dangerous open border policies. Secretary Mayorkas alongside President Biden has used nearly every tool at his disposal to engineer the greatest humanitarian and national security catastrophe at our borders in American history.

“Tragically, Senate Democrats don’t believe this catastrophe merits their time or a discussion on the Senate floor. Instead, they’re signaling to millions demanding accountability that the cabinet official directly responsible for this disaster – who has ignored the law and misled Congress repeatedly – is above reproach. The American people will hold Senate Democrats accountable for this shameful display.”