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What They’re Saying: Conservatives, Faith Leaders, Advocacy Organizations Support House National Security Supplemental Legislation

WASHINGTON — On Wednesday, Speaker Johnson announced the House response to the Senate’s national security supplemental legislation. This legislation is comprised of four separate bills and provides resources to Israel, Ukraine, and the Indo-Pacific, as well as measures to counter adversaries in each region.

“This legislation also includes enhanced oversight and accountability of U.S. taxpayer resources and includes upgrades to the Senate bill like the REPO Act and transferring portions of Ukraine aid into a loan. What we’ve done is taken the Senate supplemental bill, and we’ve improved the process and the policy, and that’s a really important thing,” Speaker Johnson said.

Conservatives, faith leaders, advocacy organizations strongly support the legislation:

AIPAC strongly suppots Speaker Johnson’s work to bring important national security bills to the floor, and we urge every House member to vote for crucial security aid to our ally Israel,” —  AIPAC.

The Israel Supplemental Appropriations Act provides critical support to a key ally facing our common enemy, Iran. This is especially true now that Iran has attacked Israel directly, not just through proxies. We call upon all Members of Congress to support the rule & the bill,”Coalition for Jewish Values.

“We urge all members to support the rule allowing the foreign aid bill to come to the floor so we can deliver critical emergency military assistance to Israel. Don’t tell us you stand with Israel, show us,” — Christians United for Israel.

“In the aftermath of the October 7th Hamas massacre and Iran’s direct attack against Israel’s homeland, these votes are an especially critical test of support for the US-Israel alliance. The time to act is now,” — Republican Jewish Coalition.

“We welcome the release of the House of Representatives' security supplemental package, which includes a number of vital measures that AJC has long advocated for, such as security assistance to our allies Israel and Ukraine, and funding for the Nonprofit Security Grant Program to keep Jewish communities in the U.S. safe. We urge its swift passage,” — American Jewish Committee.

It is absolutely critical that Christians in America and around the world stand with Israel, protect Israel's right to defend itself, and work to contain this conflict so that it doesn't threaten global peace. We stand with Israel,” — Family Research Council.

“The leadership of Speaker Mike Johnson has been crucial in defending life, religious freedom, fiscal responsibility, and important allies like Israel. He always stands strong and we're proud to stand with him,” — Center for Urban Renewal.

“As former Secretary of State and former Vice Chief of Staff of the Army we write at a pivotal moment in our nation’s history to applaud your efforts to secure vital support to America’s allies and to strengthen America’s defenses,” Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo & Vice Chief of Staff to the Army Jack Keane.

“Speaker Mike Johnson is a man of incredible character, who has unequivocally shown his support of protecting the unborn, the family, and standing strong with one of our greatest allies, Israel. In light of Iran’s unprecedented attack against Israel last week, we must ensure that every Republican is supportive of the Speaker’s efforts to bring Israel funding to the finish line as quickly as possible. CWALAC supports Speaker Johnson and his efforts to support Israel,” — Concerned Women for America LAC.

“Last week, the ERLC sent a letter to Speaker Johnson & all members of Congress urging them to pass critical support for Ukraine. While there are some political headwinds, I’m grateful Mike Johnson is moving forward to help Ukraine defend itself against Putin’s illegal invasion,” — Brent Leatherwood, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission President.

“This supplemental package includes bills that the CCP, Russia, and the Islamic Republic of Iran all vehemently oppose, it will be devastating to our enemies if this passes,” — POLARIS.

A resilient U.S. DIB and a strong network of U.S. allies and partners form the foundation of U.S. national deterrence in a rapidly evolving strategic environment. On behalf of NDIA’s members, I commend the House leadership for supporting these necessary investments and urge swift passage,” — David Norquist, National Defense Industry Association President.

“The bill to force China to divest from TikTok may soon be on the President’s desk. Thank you Speaker Johnson for your leadership,” — Foundation for American Innovation.

“FDD Action endorses the supplemental funding package put forward today by Speaker Mike Johnson. We urge members of Congress on both sides of the aisle to support it along with the underlying rule. America’s adversaries are watching. The authoritarian axis of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Russia, and the Chinese Communist Party are challenging U.S. interests like never before. It is imperative that both chambers of the Congress act with urgency to provide critical support to Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine. These nations are on the front lines of a generation-defining fight for freedom and prosperity, and their success is inextricably linked to our own national security. This legislation paves the way for targeted investments with strong oversight in our allies and partners that will enhance their military capabilities, deter America’s adversaries, and contain the spread of even costlier conflicts,” — Foundation for Defense of Democracies Action.

“In supporting U.S. assistance to Ukraine, Israel, and allies in the Indo-Pacific, Speaker Johnson channels President Ronald Reagan. Speaking to Congress in 1985, President Reagan declared, ‘We must stand by all our democratic allies. And we must not break faith with those who are risking their lives,’” — Ronald Reagan Institute.

“We should all call our congressmen and urge them to pass aid to stop Putin, to help Israel, to strengthen Taiwan and to close the border. I am especially glad that the REPO act has been included to use Russian money to pay for defeating Putin,” — Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

“America is the leader of the free world and I would call on all my old friends in the Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike, to rally around Speaker Johnson as he brings legislation to the floor to do America’s part to renew our support for Ukraine, for Israel, for Taiwan, and for freedom in the world,” — Former Vice President Mike Pence.