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Speaker Johnson Takes Fox Behind the Scenes of the Speaker’s Office

WASHINGTON — Today, Speaker Johnson took Fox & Friends’ Brian Kilmeade behind the scenes for a historical tour of the Speaker’s office in the U.S. Capitol. In their interview, Speaker Johnson addressed the sham trial of President Trump, the failures of ‘Bidenomics’, and his thoughts on the future of America. 

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On the sham trial of President Trump:
President Trump is my friend, and I think what's happening to him is outrageous. I mean, I'm a former litigator myself. What they're doing to our system of justice is undermining the people's faith in it, because it's very clear what's happening here. This is lawfare. That's the best word that we have to describe it. It's purely political. It's not legal at all. I mean the charges in Manhattan were reviewed eight years ago, you know, everybody saw that, and they passed on it. Because no crime has been committed.
They can't even really define a crime that he has supposedly committed. But they've tied him up there now, Brian, for five weeks. He is our candidate for president. He should be out on the campaign trail. He should be free to speak. And they're taking those constitutional freedoms away from him. And it's outrageous and I think most people understand that.
On the failures of ‘Bidenomics’:
Everybody knows that Bidenomics has ruined the economy. Everybody knows that the cost of living is through the roof. China is a culprit in some of this as well, but the main culprit is the president and his policies. They have spent too much money, they have grown the size and scope of government, and they have regulated some of our industries almost to the point of extinction. 
That is what has destroyed the economy. That's why inflation is so high, and that's why the rising cost of living is a top concern for millions and millions of Americans. Brian, I've been in 102 cities now in over half the states over the last few months doing large events and many events in all these places. No matter where we are, out west, the east coast, north, south, mid-south, it doesn't matter, people have the same concerns. They're having a hard time getting by because of what Joe Biden and the Democrats have done to the economy. And I think there's going to be a reckoning for that in November.
On the preservation of the Republic:
I do have a great reverence for this country and for our great experiment in self-governance. And you know, we're only going to be 248 years old on July 4th. We don't know how long a constitutional republic like ours can last. The founders didn't know, but they gave us their advice on how to preserve it. And what we have to do every day here is defend those founding principles so that we can preserve them, so that we can pass along liberty, opportunity, and security for the next generation.
Reagan reminded us that freedom is not inherited in the bloodstream. It's not automatic. It has to be taught and fought for and passed along so that our children can and grandchildren can enjoy it as well. And all that's in jeopardy right now and that's a very serious thing for us to be considering.
There are a rising number of people who don't appreciate the founding principles of the country and many of them want to trade it in for something else. I mean, we have elected members of Congress who would prefer that we be some sort of, you know, European-style socialist utopia or something that's Marxism that that that leads to all sorts of evil ends and so we're in a battle right now not even not just between republicans and democrats Brian, but between two competing visions, two competing world views, for who we are as Americans and how we're going to preserve this great republic.