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Speaker Johnson on Failed Senate Immigration Bill: ‘Election Year Hail Mary’

WASHINGTON — Speaker Johnson released the following statement after the Senate once again rejected Leader Schumer’s immigration proposal that he tried to disguise as border security legislation.

“Instead of considering H.R. 2 — House Republicans’ legislation that would immediately secure the border — Senator Schumer once again wasted time today voting on an immigration bill that doesn’t secure the border, incentivizes further illegal immigration, and has no chance of passing either the House or the Senate.

“After more than three years of claiming the situation at our southern border was not a crisis while millions of illegals poured in, Congressional Democrats are attempting to throw an election year Hail Mary to cover for their embrace of President Biden’s open border policies.

“In the absence of a substantive legislative solution, Senator Schumer should join House Republicans in demanding President Biden reverse course and use his executive authority to finally secure the border and protect American families.”