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Congressman Johnson on CDC school guideline revisions

Louisiana Radio Network: Brooke Thorington

The CDC revises guidance for K-12 schools to three feet for physical distance between students in the classroom in addition to face masks. Congressman Mike Johnson said the previous recommendation of six feet placed 89-percent of school children across the nation in the most restrictive red zone category.

“Which meant that it would severely limit in-person attendance for all elementary schools and just about prohibit in-person instruction completely for middle and high schools,” said Johnson.

Johnson said he along with other congressmen put pressure on the CDC to change the unworkable guidance.

“I led a letter on behalf of 59 members of congress and we urged them to withdraw that guidance and issue a solution that just would allow more children to safely return to the classrooms,” said Johnson.

Johnson said we have known for many months that the risk of transmission is extremely low particularly among young students. Johnson believes there was political pressure on the CDC not to revise the guidelines from Democrats…

“For whatever reason wanted to extend the closures, teacher unions and the rest. But I think they have done the right thing here I think this does comply more closely with the science,” said Johnson.

State Superintendent of Education Cade Brumley said they are awaiting guidance from the Louisiana Department of Health.