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Johnson Advances Traditional Values in 117th Congress

Introduces three new bills to promote the rule of law, defend religious liberty and protect the unborn

BOSSIER, La., March 26, 2021 — United States Representative Mike Johnson (LA-04) introduced three separate pieces of legislation today with the common objective of advancing traditional values in the 117th Congress.

The Oath Act: A resolution to formally require witnesses before all House Committees be administered the standard courtroom oath when being sworn in to testify before Congress. As it stands, House Rules say that witnesses may be administered the oath. This resolution says that witnesses shall be administered the oath.

The History and Tradition Protection Act: Abolishes the award of monetary damages and attorneys’ fees in Establishment Clause cases where a plaintiff complains of: any monument, memorial, statue, or other figure containing religious words, imagery or symbolism; a public building containing religious words, imagery or symbolism; the presence of religious words, imagery or symbolism in official seals and flags; or religious expression in the context of the proceedings of any deliberative body.

The Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act: Makes it a crime to knowingly transport a minor across state lines to obtain an abortion without satisfying parental involvement law in the minor’s state of residence. Physicians must also comply with parental notification laws.

Johnson said the following regarding the Oath Act:

“This resolution is simple. It would require witnesses before all House Committees to take the same oath that is used in every courtroom in America, from small claims court all the way to the Supreme Court, when testifying before Congress. Earlier this year, Democrats blocked this simple amendment to our Judiciary Committee Rules, even though several other House Committees already have this requirement.”

Johnson said the following regarding the History and Tradition Protection Act:

“For years, leftist organizations have engaged in a search and destroy mission for all religious symbols and expression in our country, and they have been incentivized to do so by the prospect of large attorney fee awards. My bill removes the perverse financial incentive for these groups and their lawyers to advance their radical agenda, which will help us preserve what’s left of our religious heritage and cherished national traditions.”

Johnson said the following regarding the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act:

“Since the Biden Administration has taken actions to expand abortion in America, it is the responsibility of Congress to defend the unborn. This bill will help protect minors from any attempts to circumvent parental notification or consent laws. I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues during this Congress to advance additional legislation to highlight and safeguard the sanctity of every human life.”