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Notes from Mike's Desk for the Week of April 19-23, 2021

Hello, friends! I want to welcome you all to my weekly newsletter highlighting what’s happening on Capitol Hill and in Louisiana’s 4th Congressional District. Thank you for subscribing and please consider recommending my newsletter to a friend.


On Wednesday evening, my Republican colleagues and I went to the House Floor to call on the Biden Administration and House Democrats to drop partisan politics and help address the ongoing humanitarian crisis at our southern border and our nation’s crumbling infrastructure. Watch my remarks opening our series of speeches below.

Also, this week, members of the Republican Study Committee introduced the Maximum Pressure Act – legislation that will prevent the Biden Administration from falling back into the Obama-era Iran Nuclear Deal, which gave Iran access to the resources they need to support a nuclear program and terrorism.


I had a great exchange this week with North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the importance of election integrity and why states should uphold their duty to ensure our elections are secure. I encourage you all to listen to his compelling testimony and remarks below.


On Sunday, I spoke with Fox News about House Democrats' effort to pack the Supreme Court – which would destroy the foundation of our judicial system – and what steps President Biden needs to take to address the humanitarian crisis at our southern border.


Congratulations to Luka Mikaberidze for being named the 2021 State Student of the Year! Well done!