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Johnson Introduces No Communist Countries Participating in Lobbying Act

BOSSIER, La., May 7, 2021 — United States Representative Mike Johnson (LA-04) today introduced the No Communist Countries Participating in Lobbying Act — legislation to make it illegal for former Members of Congress to lobby in the United States on behalf of communist governments or entities controlled by communist governments.

“From targeting American companies with unfair trade practices to contributing to the fast spread of the pandemic, China has solidified its place as our country’s top global competitor,” Johnson said.“This regime should not be allowed to lean on former Members of Congress to help them carry out an anti-American agenda, and that is why I am proud to introduce this bill that would prohibit it.”

“The Chinese Communist Party isn’t bashful about the fact they try to exploit every loophole in our system to exert their malign influence and engage in political warfare to undermine our system of government,” said Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Banks (IN-03). “No Member of Congress should be duped into lobbying for communist regimes like China’s after leaving office and be able to wield their influence to promote the agenda of our greatest adversary.”

View the text of the legislation here.

Members of the Republican Study Committee today introduced several other additional pieces of legislation to counter communist China and its influence in the United States. Learn more about today’s effort here.

Congressman Johnson is Vice Chairman of the House Republican Conference, and a former Chairman of the Republican Study Committee — the largest caucus of conservatives in the House of Representatives.