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Congressman Johnson Statement on Judiciary Committee Passage of $3.5 Trillion Partisan Spending Bill

Legislation passed along party lines by Committee Democrats includes provisions granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants

WASHINGTON, September 14, 2021 — United States Representative Mike Johnson (LA-04) released the following statement after the House Judiciary Committee voted along party lines to advance the Democrat $3.5 trillion spending bill out of committee:

“Job growth has stalled out during what should be a period of sustained economic recovery. Consumer prices are skyrocketing at their fastest pace in 40 years. Illegal immigration is soaring due to the deliberate rollback of immigration enforcement measures by the current Administration. And how do House Democrats respond?

“This partisan $3.5 trillion spending bomb, financed by tax increases, is certain to drive up consumer prices even further and drive down American wages by granting blanket amnesty to illegal immigrants.

“No wonder the few remaining moderate House Democrats are queasy about this reckless tax and spend spree. If they vote this bill out of the House, there won’t be any of them left.”

The Congressman offered amendments during the House Judiciary Committee markup to protect tax dollars from going to abortions, to prevent illegal immigrants with DUIs from gaining amnesty in the bill, to prevent immigrants already denied entry from receiving a Diversity Visa, and to require the Biden Administration to get approval from states and localities before transporting immigrants into their jurisdictions. Each of his commonsense amendments were rejected by committee Democrats.

Congressman Johnson is the Vice Chairman of the House Republican Conference, a member of the House Judiciary and Armed Services Committees, and a former constitutional law litigator.